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What if Hulk Hogan agreed to job to Bret Hart in 1993?

  1. Hart loses the WWF Championship at WrestleMania IX to Yokozuna who immediately challenges Hogan to an impromptu match for the title and loses the title to Hogan.
  2. Hogan successfully defends the title against Yokozuna at the King of the Ring - when the photographer hits Yokozuna with the fireball instead - while Hart wins the tournament.
  3. At Hart’s coronation, Hogan comes out to seemingly coronate Hart, but to the shock of the fans, Hogan hits Hart with the crown, and when Hart tries to get up, Hogan hits Hart with the scepter.
  4. The next night on Monday Night Raw, Hogan comes out dressed in all black - either debuting “Hollywood” Hogan in the WWF or being a precursor to “Hollywood” Hogan - and verbally buries Hart by claiming “if if weren’t for Hulk Hogan, you would still be in Calgary working for your old man”. Hogan’s promo would be interrupted by Hart who would come out and fight Hogan, and then Yokozuna would come out and help Hogan beat Hart down. Then Lex Luger walks out making everybody think it’s going to be a 3-on-1 beatdown on Hart, but Luger shocks the world by attacking Yokozuna. Then Luger claims he is the REAL “Real American” not Hogan. This sets up a tag team match with Hogan and Yokozuna vs. Hart and Luger with Hart/Luger winning by countout when Hogan and Yokozuna leaving the ringside area and getting counted out.
  5. The next week, WWF president Jack Tunney announced a double main event for SummerSlam ‘93: Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna, and Hulk Hogan defending the WWF Championship against Bret Hart in a “pin or escape” steel cage match. Luger defeats Yokozuna by countout, and Hart beats Hogan via submission (Sharpshooter) to win the WWF Championship.
  6. After SummerSlam, Hogan and Luger engage in a short feud culminating with a match on either a September 1993 edition of Monday Night Raw or at the 1993 Survivor Series with the stipulation that whoever loses must leave the WWF. End result? Luger pins Hogan after hitting Hogan with the bionic forearm, and Hogan leaves the WWF and moves on to WCW. (And of course in WCW, Luger jobs to Hogan.)

Is this promo the main reason why Hogan was jobbed out to Yokozuna at the 1993 King of the Ring PPV?

Buddy Landel’s NWA National Heavyweight Championship belt looks as new as it dad back when he won the title at Starrcade ‘85.

Buddy Landel’s NWA National Heavyweight Championship belt looks as new as it dad back when he won the title at Starrcade ‘85.

Ricky Morton and “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel at Morton’s “School of Morton” wrestling school.

Ricky Morton and “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel at Morton’s “School of Morton” wrestling school.

Could Nikki Bella’s heel turn by the catalyst for Cena’s heel turn?

Here’s what I see happening:

  • Nikki keeps tormenting Brie up to November which is when Daniel Bryan is scheduled to return.
  • Daniel Bryan returns at the Survivor Series - or the Raw the night after - and confronts Nikki about her treatment of Brie and threatens Nikki in some way if she ever puts her hands on Brie again.
  • John Cena comes to defend Nikki from Daniel Bryan and beats the crap out of Daniel Bryan and officially turns heel.
  • The next week, Cena comes out and tells the fans that since they love to cheer for Daniel Bryan, “you can go fuck yourselves” with Cena actually saying those words with the word “fuck” being bleeped out.
  • From November to the Royal Rumble, Daniel and Brie face Cena and Nikki in a series of mixed tag team matches leading up to an “I Quit” match at the Royal Rumble where Cena wins when Daniel Bryan passes out from the STF and is unable to continue.
  • The Cena  vs. Bryan feud would be settled at WrestleMania in a Last Man Standing match with Bryan winning.

Forgotten Wrestling Promotions: Tri-States Wrestling Alliance

The Tri-States Wrestling Alliance was a Philadelphia-based promotion founded in 1990 by Joel Goodhart. Featuring hardcore matches and stars such as “Mad Dog” D.C. Drake, “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Cactus Jack, The Sheik (Ed Farhat), Sabu, and The Sandman, it was considered to be the forerunner to ECW.

When Joel Goodheart closed down the Tri-States Wrestling Alliance, minority owner Tod Gordon bought the assets and rechristened Tri-States Wrestling Alliance as NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling which left the NWA in 1994 and became Extreme Championship Wrestling.

In fact, the TSWA Heavyweight Championship belt was given a paintjob and reused in ECW as the first ECW Heavyweight Championship belt.

TSWA Championship belt:


ECW Championship belt:


Just got done watching my Lockdown 2011 DVD, and I found it funny that TNA blurred out D’Angelo Dinero’s and Ric Flair’s butt cracks.

Considering how Swagger failed to beat Rusev in the flag match and Swagger’s “I let America down” speech the night after Raw, I wonder if they’re planning on having Swagger turn heel on America and join Rusev and become the “Real American Turncoat”.

If Swagger does indeed turn heel and (kayfabe) defect to Russia, they could change his name to Yakov Koloff. (Yakov is the Russian equivalent of Jacob which is Swagger’s real first name, and Koloff would be an homage to Ivan Koloff and Nikita Koloff.)

I know people like violence on wrestling, but that cinderblock spot - no matter how fake the cinderblocks are/were - went a little too far.

Lesnar vs Cena was a glorified squash match.